Crown Tournaments and Coronations

Crown Tournaments

Crown tournaments are held twice a year in Lochac to determine the Royal Heirs – the Crown Prince and Princess – of the Kingdom. Such tournaments are typically held in May and November.

Berenger I and Bethan I were the first Crown of Lochac to require prior notification of intent to enter a Crown Tournament, implementing this convention for May Crown 2008. Then, for November Crown 2008, Siridean I and Siban I were the first Crown of Lochac to formally publish the full list of combatants prior to the Crown Tournament to inform the populous of those contending. Since 2008, this convention has embedded itself, with subsequent Crowns all requesting a letter of intent by a date set They set at Royal whim that is prior to the Crown Tournament. This has also resulted in the Crown publishing a list online to inform the Kingdom of all contesters and their consorts prior to the Tournament. The concept behind this convention is to prompt contenders to think about their entry rather than entering on a last minute whim. It also gives the Crown and the List Keeper an idea of expected numbers.[1]

[1] As published by Siridean on Stefan’s Florilegium:


Key statistics around Lochac Crown Tournaments from AS 35 (First Crown) to AS 50 (November Crown 2015) are summarised in infographics published on the image sharing site: Shutterfly. The data used represents approximately 97% of Crown entrants to date (see Roll of Entrants, below) – if you have any corrections or additions to make, please contact the Kingdom Historian.

  • 189 heavy combatants have competed in 29 Crown Tournaments in Lochac to date.
  • The average number of combatants per Crown Tournament is 17, the median is 15.
  • The largest Lochac Crown Tournament was Lochac’s First Crown Tournament, with 56 combatants entering May Crown 2002 at Rowany Festival.
  • The smallest Crown Tournament was “Crownanation” – the re-contest of May Crown 2014 where 6 competed immediately prior to Midwinter Coronation in Politarchopolis in July 2014.
  • The average number of Crowns contested per person is 3, the median is 2.
  • Steffan Glaube has contested the most number of Crown Tournaments (18), followed by Bran an torcdubh mac Bruide (16), and Nathan Blacktower and Wulfgar Jarnsiða (11).
  • Alfar of Attica, Draco of Jorvic, and Siridean MacLoughlin have won every Crown Tournament that they’ve entered.
  • The Group that has hosted the most number of Crown Tournaments is the Barony Rowany on 5.
  • The group that has put forward the highest number of victors is the Barony of Saint-Florian-de-la-rivière, which has produced 9 Crowns.
  • Five Baronies (42%) have not yet been represented in Crown victories – Aneala, Ildhafn, River Haven, Southron Gaard, and Ynys Fawr.
  • The most common format for Crown Tournaments in Lochac is single kill, double elimination with a best of three finals.
  • There have been two Crown Tournaments in Lochac with specified restrictions on weapons use: Chivalric Weapons only (e.g. no glaives or Florentine swords) at May Crown 2004 in Politarchopolis, and no shields at May Crown 2012 in Bordescros.
  • Whilst a best of three finals is most common, there have also been a single kill, single elimination tournament with no specific finals, and a best of five final with specified weapons.

Roll of Entrants

The details of Lochac’s Crown Tournaments, including entrants, places, consorts, and other interesting information, is being collected in a shared Google Sheet. If you have any information to add at all (e.g. you were in, or at, one or more of the Crown Tournaments of Lochac), you’re encouraged to edit this document:

Videos of Lochac Crown Tournaments

Several of Lochac’s Crown Tournaments were video taped and are available for viewing online. Some of these include:

If you have any further links to Lochac Crown Tournament videos, or hard copies of video taped Lochac Crown Tournaments, please contact the Lochac Historian.


Coronation events where the Kings and Queens are invested also happen twice a year, typically in January (Twelfth Night) and July (Midwinter).

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