The Unchained Library

The Unchained Library

The History of the Kingdom of Lochac

Introduction to The Library

In which names are dropped, taxonomies are sketched and motivations are presented. Our Hero begins the journey of a thousand lifetimes with a casual chat among some University chums between lectures.


The Unchained Library is the website of the Kingdom Historian of Lochac (“The Librarian”), who is taking the work of past historians, editing and rearranging, and making it available in such a way as to encourage regular updates and improvements.

Here, on the front page, you may monitor the progress of this mighty undertaking:

Last update: Sunday 19 July 2020

Sections In Progress

General rearrangement of the whole thing (sorry about the broken links).  Head pages for Awards, Peerages, Events and Branches set up.  Fixed the egregious omission of the last two Baronages of Ynys Fawr (particularly galling when you note that the previous Historian was an Ynys Fawrian).  Added at least a blank page for every past and present Barony, Shire, College and Canton.

Sections Complete

None so far!