Timeline of Lochac

The history of what is now the Kingdom of Lochac started in November 1980. Years are marking using the standard SCA year – Anno Societatis (AS) – which runs from 1 May to 30 April of the following year. Use the links below to navigate to a particular year for details of what occurred.

Kingdom of Lochac

Eventually, the Populace decided that they would rather have local Kings and Queens (who they could see more often) and so, Lochac became a Kingdom in its own right. Less than a year later, New Zealand (which had been part of the Kingdom of Caid) joins with Australia to be the modern Lochac. Go to main article.

Principality of Lochac

Before becoming a Kingdom, Lochac becomes a Principality as the members of Lochac become more proficient in skills and knowledge, and as more members join, giving even greater autonomy from the Kingdom of the West. Go to main article.

Crown Principality of Lochac

After “Kingdom Shopping” and joining the SCA officially, Lochac (and its gradually forming sub-groups) becomes a Crown Principality of the Kingdom of the West … effectively a protectorate. Go to main article.


Prior to the becoming Lochac, there was the “Barony of Outremer” and before that the “Kingdom of Cumberland”. Go to main article.