Pennsic 19 – The Voyage of Discovery

The following recount was written by Sir Gregory of Loch Swan:

This saw the first “known” appearance of Lochacian’s at Pennsic. The first that attended where the newly knighted Sir Elffin of Mona and a young Squire, Gregory of Loch Swan. Sir Elffin had arranged to stay with the event Autocrats, Duke Gavin and Duchess Sedalia of the Clan Kilkenny. They were at that time camped where Midrealm Royal is today, but the following year moved back to the old Kilkenny camp, where the current Public Safety Point and Motor Pool is. Sir Elffin arrived first as he was staying with the Autocrats in NYC and travelled down with them. Turning up at Troll Booth second, with a suitcase, no armour and two sets of garb, Squire Gregory had no plan and absolutely no idea of how big Pennsic was. He knew Sir Elffin was attending and was handed over as a “rent-a-squire” by his knight, Sir Bran of Locheal to Sir Elffin for that event.

Clan Killkenny and its then subset, Clan Kyle took the lost looking Lochswan under their wings and provided food, Lots of drink, bed and armour to the young squire. I remember Duke Gavin saying “Well we already have one Aussie staying with us, couldn’t hurt to have two?” Famous last words…Little did he know at that time how this act of kindness was to unfold in the future and how strong a bond would be formed between Clan Killkenny and Lochac.

Sir Elffin and Lochswan fought in many of the battles at that Pennsic 19. The woods battle was where the North gate is now opposite the Church. Sir Elffin made a glorious one man stand on the single bridge in the Bridgebattle and Lochswan died gloriously, the last man standing, clutching the Queen of the East Banner in the redoubt during that same battle. All in all a great first Pennsic for Lochac, then a Principality of the West. It also saw the first meeting of Lochac with the Coopers and Lochswan’s first ride in a golf cart at Pennsic for which he and Sir Elffin might have got into trouble and had their golf cart waivers cancelled. It was Elffin’s fault!!…