During the peerage ceremony for each of the four peerage Orders, it is common in Lochac for a member of each of these Orders and the Royal Peerage to speak on the qualities of the candidate to be elevated. It is also common for candidates, upon their elevation, to be gifted a token of their new Peerage, which may have a lineage that is read out in Court.

Peerage meetings in Lochac are usually held at each of the four Crown events – Twelfth Night Coronation, May Crown Tournament, Midwinter Coronation and November Crown Tournament. They are also often held at other large Kingdom events such as Rowany Festival and Canterbury Faire.

In the early days, all members of all Peerages were often present at all meetings with different Peerages commenting on each other’s candidates, but that no longer occurs.

The very first Peer of Australia was Mistress Rowan Perigrynne, who was made a Pelican by the West Kingdom in October 1982 (AS 17).

The first Peer of New Zealand was Master Christopher Foxe (formerly Yoshitoshi Matsuyama), who was made a Pelican by the Kingdom of Caid in January 1993 (AS 27).

A summary of each of the Lochac Peerage Orders can be found on the following pages: