The Kingdom Constable manages local group constables, and helps them to fulfil five main roles: to be the main safety officer at SCA events, to collect indemnities as required by corpora and our insurance company (Australia only), to police mundanity, to maintain order and good conduct at events, and to administer lost property. More information about this office is available on Lochac’s Office of Constable website.

The current Kingdom Constable is Lady Leonor de Alcocer (pending the commentary period).

The Constable office badge, sourced from Lochac's Kingdom Constable website.
The Constable office badge, sourced from Lochac’s Kingdom Constable website.

A list of those who have previously held the office of Lochac Constable is presented in the table below.

Name Term
Lord Edmund the Lame Jan 1990 to Nov 1992
Llfdwych Myddchyr Nov 1992 to May 1996
Lord Ian the Upstanding May 1996 to Jan 2000
Mistress Muirghein ni Ghrainne Jan 2000 to Jan 2003
Master Blaeney Boltufsen Jan 2003 to Mar 2005
Lord Drogo von Königsberg Mar 2005 to Mar 2008
Lord Hugh de Beaufort Mar 2008 to Aug 2011
Mistress Catherine the Friendly Aug 2011 to Mar 2012
Lord Hugh de Beaufort (acting) Mar 2012 to Jun 2012
Baron Columb Finn mac Diarmata Jun 2012 to Feb 2015
Lady Leonor de Alcocer Feb 2015 to present