A Story of Stormhold

Written and recited by Lady Elizabet Hunter for the Stormhold Baronial Investiture in AS49 (June 2014)

In the begining, when Lochac was young there was a place in its south. Where the land was wild, filled with beasts and bandits, the howling of the wind and the crashing of the waves and the relentless rains would fall, truning fields to marshes and mud.

And in this stormridden land, a Shire grew, begining as small outpost, perched on the bay, a group of hardy hardworking people, who rightly took the name Stormhold. Through the years, their numbers continued to swelled. The far-off King of the West, over the great sea, took note of their deeds, of their skills and their prowess, and their will to hold the land in his name and govern it justly. Thus a petition was put forth, filled with the signatures of those who had made Stormhold their home, that they may be made masters of their own fate. The King wisely agreed, and the line of the Barons and Baronesses of Stormhold was founded.

And so it began with Baron Styvren Long Shanks and Baroness Rhyllian of Starfire! He the enthusiastic, encouraging and as we hear tell… Furry Brearded Baron. A man of great smiles and a bounce in his step. Rhyllian, The Barons balance, calming hand and Baroness of fond long suffering sighs at her Baron.

Then, sooner than any had expected, Stormhold had its first Vicar! A good gentle by the name of Morgan ap Idrris! He was Stormholds strength and guide as Their Excellencies took leave, to step up to the Thrones as claimed the Principality as their own!… Because World domination is an important thing after all.

Their Excellencies Styvren and Rhyllian returned to Stormhold to see more years as the first pillars of this great Barony. Giving way, in their time, to Baron Alain and Baroness Lucretzia. He, known as the Evil Baron Alain, a man of great playfulness and… delighting in shenanigans. Baroness Lucretzia, ‘Moderator’ of mischief, Belly dancing Baroness. Mother to the Biggest Barony in Lochac… at the time. Sorry your Excellencies Rowany but we had you beat… if only for a little while…

Next came Baron Sven and Baroness Ingabjorg, Victorious over the Known World! Under their rule the forces of Stormhold took to the field of battle to conquer the Known World. 30 of Stormhold versed 130 fighters of the combined forces of the Known World. Stormholds archers and cannons join the heavys as the battle raged. With arrow, spear, sword, shield and cannon, Stormhold slew their foes… Because “if we can kill it we can keep it” right your Majesties?

After, came the rule of Baron Rudolf and Baroness Nicollette, Rudolf, a welcoming and avuncular Baron Nicollette, not just a Baroness but a Mother Hen to all in need. With them was the support and birth of a Shire. A great branching to the East, yet another step in the Stormhold tradition of taking over the World perhaps?

Next was the rule of Baron Gwynfor and Baroness Gwir. Baron Gwynfor, God of packing, of Heraldry, a man of great voice and a strong mind and a hand for all of those in need. Sadly reclaimed to the Gods Heaven. Dearly missed. Baroness Gwir, Cook of champions, who could feed the hordes of Valhalla twice over … and still come in under budget! A perfect match.

They gave way to Baron Huge and Baroness Teresa, Baron and Baroness of a passionate reign, with long eyes and ambition for the Crown. An ambition that saw fruit in time. Because again, World Domination, it is a traditional thing by now.

Giving rise next to Miriam Galbraith, Stormholds second Vicar, Guardian of the peace, gentle but firm hand and listening ear to all.

She stepped aside, to make way for Baron Rodrego and Baroness Sara, Rodrego, A man tall of hat, long… of speach. Great comander of the war field. Sara, Goddess of organisation and deligation, helper to the populace. Instigators of the hoods of warmth.

Coming after them was the Baron Hanbal and Baroness Ute. Hanbal, the “not a pirate” Baron. Mongolian cheiftian. Stealer of Ladies in Waiting. Because her Excellency had enough already… Ute, Friend to children, Archer extrordinare, dancer, singer, welcoming to all.

They in gave way for Baroness Antonia. She who created dragons, an alchemist, an artist. Solitary pillar of strength and encourager of terrible terrible puns. Greatly missed.

This gave rise to our third and current Vicar, Sir Throlffr As strong as the roots of the roots of Yddrisyll, the world tree, Grounding the Barony in its time of strife.

Through the stewardship of these great gentles the Barony has grown, its renown spread and its people have prospered. Storms have raged and yet here we still stand. And this night, a new page is turned in the Barony’s history – and the story will continue. As Sir Throlffr takes hisLady Halla’s handand steps to the Baronial Thrones to start a new chapter in our History.

At this new turn, may Stormhold grow and prosper as is ment to be, under the guidance of our new Baron and Baroness. May we once again grow and be as strong as Yddrisyll itself, able to weather any storm that passes us by. To further ourselves, our Barony and our Kingdom.