Ceara Shionnach

Ceara Shionnach is part of the Barony of Politarcholpolis and House Burbage. She has been apprenticed to Mistress Mathilde Adycote of Mynheniot since early 2008. Her persona is 16th century Irish and is particularly interested in Renaissance Irish and Italian clothing.

Ceara is the current Kingdom Historian and currently enjoys arts and sciences (particularly embroidery), rapier and singing, however, she’s previously been involved in target archery and heavy fighting.

She has been on several royal and baronial households, including:

  • Head lady in waiting in the baronial household of Baron Aonghus and Baroness Ginevra of Politarchopolis (2010)
  • Liverymen and lady in waiting to His Majesty Gabriel de Beaumont II (2011) where she completed a Liverymen project in Arts and Sciences research on 16th century Irish clothing
  • Member of the King’s Guard and lady in waiting for His Majesty Henri de Montferrat
  • One of three Royal Artisans, member of the Queen’s Guard and lady in waiting to Her Majesty Liadan ingen Fheradaig. Ceara completed an Elizabethan sweet bag as part of her duties as a Royal Artisan.

Offices Held

Role Group Term
Historian Kingdom of Lochac April 2014 – current
Seneschal Barony of Politarchopolis March 2012 – November 2012
Arts and Sciences Officer Barony of Politarchopolis ? 2008 to May 2010