Sorle Maknicoll

Sorle Maknicoll (previously spelled the Gaelic way: Somhairle Mac Nicail‘) lives in the Barony of Politarcholpolis. He is currently a protégé and apprentice to Countess Margie of Glen More.

Sorle is a former Crux Australis Principal Herald and former Kingdom Historian. He enjoys Heraldry, Combat (fighting and marshalling in all forms) and the Bardic Arts.

He assists groups, and the occasional Kingdom Officer, with migrating to and/or maintaining websites on the Kingdom of Lochac’s WordPress Multi-Site installation, as a WordPress Masonry Assistant.

He has the bad habit of volunteering for almost anything, which he is trying to cure.

Offices Held

Role Group Term
Webwright Kingdom of Lochac February 2019 – Present
Coffyn Herald Kingdom of Lochac November 2018 – May 2019
Crux Australis Principal Herald Kingdom of Lochac November 2016 – Nov 2018
Baryl Herald Kingdom of Lochac September 2015 – November 2016
SCA Ltd Board Member (Australia) January 2013 – March 2016
Canon Herald Kingdom of Lochac November 2011 – April 2014
Webwright Barony of Rowany June 2011 – October 2012
Deputy Canon Herald Kingdom of Lochac April 2011 – November 2011
Kingdom Historian Kingdom of Lochac October 2010 – September 2012
Webwright College of St Malachy October 2010 – August 2012
Marshal College of St Malachy October 2010 – October 2011
Marshal Shire of Adora October 2010 – January 2011
Word Press Admin Masonry Team 2010 – Present
Annunciator (List Boss) Lochac Announce Mailing List December 2009 – August 2013
List Boss Shambles Mailing List October 2009 – August 2013
Webwright (Proposed) Shire of Radburne June 2007 – May 2013
List Keeper (Proposed) Shire of Radburne May 2007 – February 2008