Lyssa Llewensdöttir

Lyssa is a musician most often seen in Rowany. She lives in the far north of Mordenvale, in a canton-to-be known as Oxington Chase. She is the unexpected daughter of the famous Llewen the Unruly, sister to Peter of Danzig, and apprenticed to the Mistress Madelaine de Bourgogne.

Lyssa plays recorder, bouzouki and hurdy gurdy at events around Lochac. She embroiders anything that stays still for too long next to her.


House Rana founding member.

Unofficial non-Guildmistress and organiser of the unofficial non-guild of the Anarchist non-household “Scratch Musicians of Lochac” which does not exist. (Badge of household: Winged golden instrument of choice on a sable backing)

Rowany Danse Musician

Achievements (Good question. I should go and find out…)

AoA back in the Principality reign at some point.

Prix Jongleur

Silver Semibreve.

From the Barony of Rowany: Order of the Berries.

From the Barony of Ynys Fawr: Golden Pennant.

Roles and Offices 

Currently the A&S officer of the Incipient Canton of Oxington Chase, out of Mordenvale.

A&S Officer College of St Gildas 2008 (?)

A&S Officer College of St Ursula 200? (Oh god I see a pattern here)


Previously known as Lyssa Tryvrsdöttir, the confusion has since been cleared up…

Occasionally known as Miles the Musician.