Meet Lochac’s Order of Chivalry

As at August AS 50 (2015), Lochac had 83 Companions of the Order of Chivalry. Of these, 40 Companions to the Order were made by the Kingdom of Lochac.

This page documents the short histories of various Companions of Lochac’s Order of Chivalry, recorded in alphabetical order by first name.

Agro Agwesi

Agro was first authorised for heavy combat on 5 May 1985, and was elevated into the Order of Chivalry on 11 May 1991.

He has never reigned, however, he has placed second a few times and is still trying on and off. Agro has always lived in River Haven (Brisbane, Queensland), and stood as second Baron of River Haven.

The list of those Agro has squired includes:

  1. Arian Shield Breaker (no longer active, comes along once a year or so),
  2. Rugen Axegrinder,
  3. Damien von Drax (no longer plays),
  4. Antonia the Undecided (no longer plays),
  5. Ursula the Undecided (no longer plays),
  6. Callum McCleod (since knighted),
  7. Torum the Hasty, and
  8. Draco of Jorvic (since knighted).

The households Agro has been a part of include:

  • Brotherhood of Death,
  • The Foot (a ninja clan),
  • Pirates of The Morning Star, and
  • 1528 (the name of his non-household consisting of his squires and their ladies).

Agro’s notable achievements include:

  • Having a colour named after him (i.e. Agro Green, which is a distinctly bright, lime green),
  • Was the first Lochac fighter to kill Jade of Starfall in a heavy tournament,
  • Became Admiral of the Southern Seas, with letters of mark from 8 different Kingdoms,
  • Collected soil from the birthplace of the SCA, and a copy of the original 1966 flyer for the First Tourney signed by Diana Listmaker,
  • Fought in every Pennsic War since Lochac became a Kingdom in 2002, and
  • Is still playing after 30 years of SCA involvement!

Berenger of Nancy

Berenger was first authorised as a heavy combatant at Rowany Yule in 2000, and was squired to Sir Alfar of Attica in 2001. He was elevated into the Order of Chivalry by Alaric I and Nerissa I on 13 December 2003 at Rowany Yule Feast AS XXXVIII.

He ruled as King of Lochac with Queen Bethan Daniels of Brockwood from 12 January 2008 to 5 July 2008 and, as at August 2015, Sir Berenger was 37th in sequence in Lochac’s Order of Precedence.

Berenger’s squires, listed in chronological order, have been:

  1. Wulfric Godrikson,
  2. IIldaria nan e de Camengninos,
  3. Gabriel de Beaumont (since Knighted),
  4. Enderl of the Turnips (aka Gaz),
  5. Aidan O’Niell,
  6. Jadwiga,
  7. Thomas, and
  8. Duchess Liadan ingen Fheradaig.

He has earned many awards throughout his career, including:

  • Award of Arms given by Alfar V and Liadan I, on 14 July 2001, at Midwinter Coronet Investiture AS XXXVI,
  • Silver Sword given by Gawyne I and Yve I, on 8 June 2002, at Olympic and Gladatorial Games,
  • Order of Chivalry by Alaric I and Nerissa I on 13 December 2003 at Rowany Yule Feast AS XXXVIII,
  • County given by Siridean I and Siban I, on 5 July 2008, at Lochac Midwinter Coronation, and
  • Pelican given by Siridean II and Margie I on 7 April 2012 at Rowany Festival XXX.

Berenger is an ex Member of House Attica (though he remains affliated with the household), is a member of Moralez Beaumont, the Leader of the Legion of Fiery Fist and was a member of the disbanded households known as The Abyss and The Turnips.

Berenger’s notable achievements have been:

  • he won Rowany Festival Fighter Auction Tournament in 2012,
  • he was runner up in Crown and at least 5 Rowany Festival Fighter Auctions,
  • he has won the Powerful Owl tournament and title at Great Northern War twice,
  • he has stewarded four Knight Schools, whereby several Knights are organised to teach the combat arts to unbelted fighters over a weekend long training event,
  • he was stewarded 6 Cold War events,
  • he has stewarded Rowany Festival twice, and
  • he has run Rowany Festival in the distant pass at Yass, NSW.

Guillaume d’Oz

Commonly referred to as Oz and formerly known as Osric Godwineson, Guillaume was first authorised in heavy combat in Ynys Fawr on 6 July 1996. He was elevated into the Order of Chivalry by Jade and Megan on 6 July 2002 (i.e. the same day that Lochac was elevated to Kingdom status), and was a knight of the West for about 3 hours. Oz was also the first Knight to hail from Ynys Fawr. Oz is also a protégé to Master Hrölf Herjölfssen.

The list of Oz’s squires include:

  • Wulfgar Jarnsitha (elevated to the Order of Chivalry on 29 March 2013),
  • Clovis Tacitus,
  • Phillip de Ravenshagh,
  • Edward Hrolfsson,
  • Bjorn Olfus, and
  • Robert de Bonnay (current squire).

Oz has been a part of several households over the years, including House Solar and House Attica, and is currently a member of House Calydon.

Oz’s notable achievements include:

  • He lived in Rowany and helped establish Radburne,
  • serving as Guards for the Princesses Elspeth Turberville II and Aelfled aet Otreburne I, and for Prince Gawayne d’Ibelin,
  • Was Captain of the Guard for Queen Constanzia Moralez y de Zamora II,
  • Has contested four Coronet/Crown Tournaments, and
  • Was fortunate to be awarded the Wreath of Valour for both the Last Principality Coronet and the First Crown Tournament, and the Wreath of Chivalry in April ASXLV, Court Baron, Leaf of Merit, Golden Tear, Prince’s Cypher, Royal Cypher, Rowan, Silver Helm, Award of Arms and others.

Kinggiyadai Ba’atur

Also known as Gui, Kinggiyadai Ba’atur was first authorised as a light combatant at Defence of the Realm war in Torlyon in winter 1994, and as a heavy combatant at Total War in Rowany in October 1994.

Kinggiyadai’s squires, listed in chronological order, are:

  1. Miles de Colwell,
  2. Talia de la Roche Guyon,
  3. Mete the Saracen,
  4. Willem de Grey,
  5. Rodrigo de Burgos,
  6. Yorick Radjestr,
  7. Jean-Christophe le Saussier, and
  8. Kaeso Flavius Artorius Gladius.

He’s always been a member of the College of St Ursula in the Barony of Rowany.

He’s been in House Attica since February 1995 at Hills War II in the Barony of Politarchopolis, and the very casual House Moose (as in Chocolate Moose), and with the
Tournament Company of St James that Miles started in 2003.

Kinggiyadai’s notable achievements have been:

  • 26th King of Lochac, 10th January 2015 to 4th July 2015
  • 6th Territorial Baron of the Barony of Rowany, 16th June 2007 to 16th July
  • Won Rowany Festival Fighter Auction tournament in 2005 (single kill double
    elim) and 2008 (timed melee field and finals tree)
  • 34th Prince of Lochac, 13th January 2001 to 14th July 2001
  • 259th Knight of The West, elevated 12th January 2002 by Uther IV and Portia
  • Altani and I are the only people to have been Baronage of a Lochac barony,
    Coronet of the Principality, and the Crown of the Kingdom of Lochac.

Lucas Von Aych

Lucas was first authorised as a heavy combatant in September 2008 in the Barony of Andubhaigeainn (Long Island, New York). He was squired to Duke Cuan MacDaige of Atlantia (OP, KSCA) until being elevated into Lochac’s Order of Chivalry on 21 April 2014 by Alfar and Angharat at Rowany Festival.

In an Atlantian tradition, Lucas was doused with a bucket of water by the Crown during his Knighting ceremony. Due to comments he'd previously made, the bucket of water had ice and a bottle of rose water added to it. Photo by Duchess Constanzia Moralez y de Zamora.
In an Atlantian tradition, Lucas was doused with a bucket of water by the Crown during his Knighting ceremony. In good natured retalitation to comments he’d been falsely accused of making (by that mischievous herald, Jean-Christophe le Saussier), the Crown ensured that the bucket of water had ice and a bottle of rose water added to it before it was tipped over Lucas. Photo by Duchess Constanzia Moralez y de Zamora.

Lucas has lived in several Kingdoms and Baronies, including:

Lucas’ squires, listed in chronological order, are:

  1. Gilbert Purchase.

He is an ex-member of House GryfonKlaue, is a Knight of the SCA Moose Lodge, and is currently a member of Moralez Beamont and House Jorsala.

Notable achievements of Lucas’ include:

  • Being a Guardsman to Queen Eva and to Queen Liadan,
  • Being awarded an Augmentation of Arms by King Michael and Duchess Sionead in Atlantia,
  • He won the Pennsic War Novice Tournament in 2009,
  • Completed a ‘day of endurance’ at Pennsic War 2011, fighting for 13 hours (with breaks for food and water) upon the pickup field against all willing combatants,
  • He completed 500 fights (exclusive of wars, melees and tournaments) at Rowany Festival 2013,
  • He won Great Northern War Powerful Owl Tournament in 2014, and
  • He finaled in the Rowany Festival Fighter Auction in 2014, and won it in 2015.

Philippe de Tournay

Philippe first authorised as a heavy combatant in Southron Gaard in 1991, and was squired to Sir Gavin MacDhomnuill of the Kingdom of Caid in 1993. He was elevated to the Order of Chivalry in 2004 by Count Brand and Countess Nuala of the Kingdom of Caid at Great Western War.

He has not reigned as Crown, however, he has contested several Crown Tournaments of the Kingdom of Caid.

Philippe’s squires, listed in chronological order, are:

  1. Berengar de Avelos (2004),
  2. Gunnar the Eveready (2006), and
  3. Leonhart Hunt (2014).

Notable points of interest about Sir Philippe include:

  • He was a member of the Barony of Gyldenholt in Caid from 1996,
  • He’s a member of the Caidan Mafioso household since its inception in 1996,
  • He’s currently a resident of the Barony of Southron Gaard,
  • He’s also an informal member of House Heorot,
  • He’s been a Guardsman to 9 Caidan Queens, including Captain of the Guard to Countess Luciana (Tomuki/Luciana 1999), and had finaled with Count Wilhelm Skullagrim in Caid’s Queen’s Champion 2009 tournament (which had a list of 83 fighters), and
  • Philippe is in an ongoing competition with Duke Guilliaum de la Belgique as the froofiest Knight of Caid.

Stephen Aldred

Stephen was first authorised in heavy combat in Politarchopolis around 1993. He was elevated into the Order of Chivalry by Draco and Asa in 2005 after having been the second unbelt to win a Lochac Crown Tournament (he was neither a squire nor a knight when he won the tournament).

Stephen reigned with Mathilde Adycote of Mynheniot as the 6th Crown of Lochac, and they both served as the first Baron and Baroness of Politarchopolis.

The list of Stephen’s squires includes:

  1. Adair MacDermid (currently inactive),
  2. Dragon Demonski (currently inactive), and
  3. Ysambart Courtain (initially a squire of Duke Alaric, who Stephen took on when Alaric was preparing to move to Drachenwald – Ysambart has since been knighted).

Whilst Stephen lived in Politarchopolis for most of his time in the SCA, he currently lives in the Incipient Shire of the Pearl Coast (UAE and Oman) in Drachenwald.

Stephen was once a member of House A’Blaise (now defunct), and with Mistress Mathilde founded House Burbage.

Stephen’s notable achievements include:

  • His first two SCA events were Stormhold Yule feasts at the
    Abbey, where Mathilde and her small choir performed, at the
    request of Daffyd of the Glenns. True SCA involvement did
    not start till some few years later after moving to
  • He became the founding Baron of Politarchopolis, around 3 years after joining the SCA,
  • He was the Principality Deputy Seneschal (Kingdom Advancement), running the advancement process and petition that resulted in Lochac being made the 17th Kingdom of the Known Worlde,
  • One week after winning Crown Tournament he was knighted by Draco, who was his predecessor as both Crown and in the Lochac Order of Chivalry. The Knighting occurred at Casual War 2, an event he established and stewarded,
  • As Baron Politarchopolis he was known for declaring war on other groups and during that time the Politarchopolis/Saint Florian world domination pact was initiated. The plan was to use the Hawkesbury River (around Sydney, Australia) as the point of demarcation (it still seems a valid plan…), and
  • Stephen entered one Principality Tourney and two Crown Tourneys, and was awarded the Wreath of Chivalry in his first Crown Tourney and won the next. One day, he plans to be back in Lochac……..

Torold of Hawkhurst

Torold, commonly known as Torg, was first authorised in 1979 when he and James the Sinister took turns as marshals and authorised each other. The nearest real marshal was 1,200 miles away so someone had to be marshal and, at the time, the rules specified that you had to be authorised to fight but did not stipulate who could be a marshal.

He was elevated in the West Kingdom Order of Chivalry in November 1986 by Rolf and Marie, and was made the 4th Knight in Lochac.

He has always been a part of Rowany, but sometimes he has theoretically lived in Agaricus (even when Baron of Rowany).

Torg has not Reigned, however, he made the final of the first Vice Regal Tournament (i.e. the equivalent of a Crown Tournament, but for a Crown Principality) with James the Sinister, and was one of the final three in first Principality Coronet Tournament with Haos Windchaser and Reynardine de Clifford.

Torg’s squires have included:

  1. Robert Gordon, squired at Torg’s Knighting Ceremony in November 1986,
  2. Lindoret of Byrn Myrddyn,
  3. Tagan,
  4. Sytric Sylfor,
  5. Martin le Merchant,
  6. Oddleif, and
  7. Pedro.

Robert Gordon and Torg were both very drunk at Torg’s Knighting Ceremony, and so they made up the squiring ceremony on the spot. They had a good time at the event! Torg believes that probably makes Robert the first Squire in Lochac to be Knighted.

Torg was in House Hawkhurst, which was founded 1982. The household peaked at 13 members, including 5 heavies and 3 lights.

Other notable milestones/achievements involving Torg include:

  • He was the first Baron of Rowany (1991 to 1995) with Lindoret of Byrn Myrddyn as Baroness,
  • His awards include: Pelican, Rowan, Golden Nock, Order of the Iron Spoon, Silver Tear, Order of Valour, Leaf of Merit, and a few others (as listed on Lochac’s Canon Lore database),
  • He organised the building of the big fort used at Tara and Crossroads (for Rowany Festival).
  • He replaced Autocrat with Steward,
  • Torg rewrote the official Lochac light infantry rules when all existing copies had be lost,
  • He cut out the steel for the first 5 metal helmets in Lochac (and still owns Mark 1), and
  • He invented, organised and cooked 13 More Meat Feasts.

When Torg was knighted (1986), he was forbidden to fight. He started up again in 1988, and in 1992 lost to Bran in the final for the Principality. He completely gave up heavy fighting in 2002 when Prince Kurgan noted that Torg had almost passed out fighting Jon Dai (that made him appreciate how others would have felt if Torg had collapsed on them).