Order of the Pelican

As of September AS 49, Lochac had more than 129 companions of the Order of the Pelican. The names and home groups of Lochac’s Pelicans are listed on Lochac’s Order of the Pelican website.

Companions of this Order often wear a medallion depicting a pelican in its piety and, in Lochac, those Pelicans in fealty to the Crown may also wear a chain of fealty.

The original Pelican cloak, which was worn by each candidate during their peerage ceremony upon elevation into the Order, was made by Mistress Selivia de l’Estoile (the large patch on the back) and Breheny of the Bees (petit point patches).

From AS 44, the Worshipful Company of Broiderers (WCOB) began constructing a new Pelican cloak. It is based on period examples of copes and is made from a fine, dense wool to be durable and is lined in silk. It depicts the devices of each of the members of the Order in silk tent stitch badges, and each new Companion to the Order is added. More information about the background and creation of this Pelican’s cloak can be found on the WCOB website.

The Lochac Pelican's Cloak made by WCoB. Photo by Mistress Rowan Perigryne.
The Lochac Pelican’s Cloak made by WCoB. Photo by Mistress Rowan Perigryne.

Embroidered patches from the original Pelican cloak were cut off and appliquéd into the lining of the new cloak. Furthermore, the woollen fabric from the old Pelican cloak was cut up and used to make a Royal gift from the Worshipful Company of Broiderers to Duchess Asa Beiskalda.

Pelicans in Lochac may take on a protégé, which is a Pelican’s student who normally receives extra attention from their Master or Mistress. Protégés in Lochac may wear a yellow or blue belt or baldric to denote their role as student of a Pelican, however, those coloured belts are not restricted under Lochac’s sumptuary laws.

In Lochac, during the Pelican ceremony candidates are gifted a Pelican medallion and a fealty chain by other Peers in the Order, and often these items will have a notable lineage.