Order of Chivalry

As at August AS 50 (2015), Lochac had 83 Companions of the Order of Chivalry. Of these, 40 Companions to the Order were made by the Kingdom of Lochac. For those interested in reading a short history about various individuals of the Order, see Meet Lochac’s Order of Chivalry under the People menu.

The principal of the Order is Sir Leofric Willoughby de Broke, the first knight made by the Kingdom of Lochac. However, he joined a list of knights who had been elevated to the Order whilst Lochac was a Principality of the Kingdom of The West. When the Crescent Isles (the New Zealand Baronies of Southron Gaard and Ildhafn) were transferred to Lochac from Caid, all members of the Order were integrated into the existing Lochac Order in precedence order according to the date of their elevation. This list is available on Lochac’s Order of Chivalry webpage.

Upon their initiation into the Order, a member receives a number of items of regalia from other Peers in the Order, which often have extensive histories/lineages. The items of regalia for Companions of the Order of Chivalry are a silver, open linked fealty chain, a white belt, spurs, and a sword.

Squires of Lochac wear red belts, however, this coloured belt is not restricted under Lochac’s sumptuary laws. Squires of Lochac do not wear fealty chains, as is the practise in some other Kingdoms.

It is a long-standing tradition of this Order that it is the duty of the newest-made member to provide beverages (often beer) at council meetings.

At the time of publication Lochac did not yet have any women in the Order, nor had any of the Companions nominated to be Masters/Mistresses (not bound by fealty to the Crown) rather than Knights (bound by fealty to the Crown).