Groups in Lochac

The Kingdom of Lochac is divided into many smaller groups, some of with have their own sub-groups and/or Colleges associated with them. An Interactive Map and Google Map overlay are also available. As pages are created for various groups, this page will be updated.

Current Groups

Group Group Type Location Sub-group(s)
Adora Shire Wollongong NSW AU College of St Malachy
Agaricus Shire South West Sydney NSW AU
Aneala Barony Perth WA AU Canton of Achenfeld
Canton of Abertridwr
College of St Basil the Great
Arrowsreach Shire Eastern Melbourne VIC AU
Bacchus Wood Shire Loganlea QLD AU
Boesenberg Shire South Western Australia
Bordescros Shire Albury NSW AU
Darton Shire Wellington NZ (Incipient) College of St Aemigdius
Dismal Fogs Shire Blue Mountains NSW AU
Dragons Bay Shire (Incipient) Rockingham WA AU
Ildhafn Barony Auckland NZ Canton of Cluain
Innilgard Barony Adelaide SA AU College of Blessed Herman the Cripple
Kraé Glas Barony South East Melbourne VIC AU College of St Monica
Mordenvale Barony Newcastle NSW AU College of St Crispin
Politarchopolis Barony Canberra ACT AU College of St Aldhelms
River Haven Barony Brisbane QLD AU Canton of Burnfield
(Incipient) Canton of Stegby
Rowany Barony Sydney NSW AU (Incipient) Canton of Okewaite
Canton of Stowe on the Wowld
College of St Augustine
College of St Ursula
Saint Florian de-la-rivière Barony South Brisbane QLD AU
Southron Gaard Barony Christchurch NZ (Incipient) College of St Kessog
Stormhold Barony Melbourne VIC AU Canton of Cairnfiall College of St Bartholomew
Torlyon Shire Yass NSW AU
Willoughby Vale Shire Ipswich QLD AU
Ynys Fawr Barony Tasmania AU Ward of Oestmark College of St Gildas


Former Groups

Group Group Type Location
Radburne Shire (Proposed) Dubbo NSW AU