Suth Moot

Suth Moot is held over the Easter long weekend in the Barony of Kraé Glas, mundanely the Clifford Park Activity Centre, Wonga Park.

After Rowany Festival moved from the Crossroads Site to Glenworth Valley in A.S. XLII (2008 C.E.), it was felt by some that travel to Festival – particularly with young children – would be too arduous, and so a local alternative was created. It also is an opportunity for local Living History members to attend an event that may be closer to home.

Due to its small size, Suth Moot is an almost-fully-catered (the Friday night dinner is a communal potluck) multi-day event with powered dorm-style accommodation, and spaces for medieval and modern camping. Day-tripping is also encouraged.

Activities include:Arts and Sciences Workshops and Collegia, Children’s Activities, as well as the martial streams of Archery, Heavy Combat and the Guild of Defense.