Inaugural Rowany Festival

Rowany Festival is the largest Kingdom event, though it did not originate under this name.

The first event was stewarded by Artos Barefoot in the car park of Fairholme Park in Wilton (a little south of Sydney, New South Wales) in April 1982 (AS 16). It rained heavily during the event. The first two metal helmets were unveiled during this event and the first Little Rock War was fought between approximately ten fighters. Little Rock War was fought over a large wooden box volunteered for use by Rowany Perigrynne that was filled with “valuable and precious” rocks. The two metal helmets were used by the two captains of the opposing teams. The teams comprised of:

  • Green Team:
    • Torold of Hawkhurst (captain)
    • Reynardine of Tara
    • Lleu ap Macsen
    • William de la Montaigne-Coupe (wooden box bearer)
    • Anther unrecorded wooden box bearer
  • Red Team:
    • Raymond of Annan (captain)
    • Reindhart Fenring
    • Mareddud Goch
    • Hrölf Herjölfssen (wooden box bearer)
    • Lindorie of Byrnmyrthyn (wooden box bearer)

The teams were chosen by the captains, one at a time, and one team was marked with red and the other was marked with green. The green team (Captained by Torg) was ultimately victorious 2:1. A trophy was made by Hrölf Herjölfssen and presented later, which was made of two painted miniatures and a rock from the site of the war.