La Prova Dura

La Prova Dura is an Italian name that translates roughly to proof of duration.

2010 was the first year in Known Worlde history that an incarnation of this tournament was held outside of the West Kingdom. Since then, the Barony of Innilgard in Lochac has hosted the event several times.

In Lochac, this event is traditionally a fully catered, weekend-long event with cabin bunks available for wayfarers. It typically attracts visitors from all over the Kingdom, as well as from other Kingdoms.

The major tournament is held on the Saturday and consists of a round robin of all contestants. Combatants are expected to submit a letter of intent to fight prior to the event, and to wear heraldic attire for the tournament. It’s followed by a tournament on the Sunday called La Prova de Amore (proof of love), where contestants are nominated entry based on their courtesy.

From it’s various advertisements, the event is described thusly:

“In the tradition of our forefathers of the West, the time draws near for all noble combatants to find the truth of all measure. The time has come to test one’s physical and mental prowess upon the field of noble combat and to display proof of virtue and earn renown for the love of one’s consort and devotion to their household. The proof of endurance exposes true honour and prowess through the spectacle of tournament.”

Summaries of the individual events can be found below: