Inter-College War

In June of AS 29, the colleges of St Aldhelm (from the Barony of Politarchopolis) and St Ursula (the Barony of Rowany) declared war against one another over ownership of a sword.

The event was so notable that it has been recorded in an SCA 50 year anniversary embroidered wall hanging (in the style of the Bayeux Tapestry), called the Bomticc Tapestry.

Origins of ICW

As written by Lord Alexander a la Fontayne, the story of the origins of Inter-College War (ICW) goes as follows:

“Many years ago, at the Rowany Festival, the great College of Saint Aldhelm deigned to purchase, in the Rowany Festival Fighter Auction, the carrot-stained Seneschal of the College of Saint Ursula. As Ursulans are wont to do, this Seneschal performed well upon the field, and the prize that was won was a fine set of greatsword quillions, such as might be borne upon the tourney field.

But, the Colleges did quarrel over these quillions, each claiming that their right to the prize was greater; Aldhelm, patron of the fighter, or Ursula, the loyal retainers.

It was decided that this quarrel could only be solved in blood, and the Colleges met on the field, in the first Inter-College War. The quillions were forged into the Sword of Knowledge, as a symbol of all that is best of the Colleges of Lochac.”

Trophy – Sword of Knowledge

The Sword of Knowledge is the perpetual trophy of College War. The Sword is awarded to that College which proves itself most worthy and/or are the declared victors of College War. Points are awarded based on various criteria, as defined by the hosting group prior to the event. These could be, for example, for victories, courtesy, service, arts and science prowess, and/or attendance.

Event Hosts and Victors

ICW Host Victor
19, AS 49 (2014) St Ursula St Ursula
18, AS 47 (2012) St Aldhelm St Andronicus
17, AS 46 (2011) St Gildas St Ursula
16, AS 45 (2010) St Ursula St Ursula
15, AS 44 (2009) St Bartholomew St Ursula
14, AS 43 (2008) St Aldhelm St Ursula
13, AS 41 (2006) St Crispin St Aldhelm
12, AS 40 (2005) St Ursula Not Available
11, AS 39 (2004) St Monica Blessed Herman
10, AS 38 (2003) St Aldhelm Not Available
9, AS 37 (2002) Blessed Herman St Ursula
8, AS 36 (2001) St Malachy Blessed Herman
7, AS 35 (2000) St Gildas St Ursula
6, AS 34 (1999) St Aldhelm St Ursula
5, AS 33 (1998) Blessed Herman St Ursula
4, AS 32 (1997) Blessed Herman Blessed Herman
3, AS 31 (1996) St Ursula St Ursula
2, AS 30 (1995) Torlyon St Augustine
1, AS 29 (1994) St Aldhelm St Aldhelm


Colleges/Activity Hosted ICW Victorious Total
Blessed Herman 3 3 6
St Aldhelm 5 2 7
St Andronicus 0 1 1
St Augustine 0 1 1
St Bartholomew 1 0 1
St Crispin 1 0 1
St Gildas 2 0 2
St Malachy 1 0 1
St Monica 1 0 1
St Ursula 4 10 14
Data Unavailable  1 2 3

Event Summaries

  • Inter-College War 19 (AS49), hosted by the College of St Ursula in the Barony of Rowany
  • Inter-College War 18 (AS47), hosted by College of St Aldhelm in the Barony of Politarchopolis