Norse Award Ceremonies

For the Norse style reign of Niall II and Liadan II in AS49 (2014-15), members of Their Royal Household rewrote Lochac’s ceremonies to match. These ceremonies are being shared under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International license.

Award Ceremonies

Award of Arms

by Lord Jean-Christophe le Saussier

NAME; through your actions you have brought honour to our people and all have been made stronger and greater through your endeavours. Witnessed here by the gathered members of the Allthing, you are recognised as being a rightful member of our Kingdom and are therefore granted the right to take up a sigil that is yours alone. You will respect our laws and those who enact them, giving your word to ride at the side of the Crown, with your comrades at arms, against all Lochac’s foes. From this hour, the ____th day of Anno Societatus 49, in the second reign of Niall and Liadan, King and Queen of Lochac.

Fealty Oath

by Count Sir Theuderic Batavii, edited by Lord Skarp-Heðin Sverðvarpnir

Upon this blade, do you now swear fealty to the Crown and Kingdom of Lochac:
To offer wisdom in counsel,
To give aid wherever it is needed,
To be always ready to ride,
At your Liege’s right hand,
In support of the Kingdom;
In good years and lean,
For peace and for war,
Mindless of all hardship,
Until the Crown depart their throne,
Or Odin claim you,
Or Ragnarok comes?

Cross of Lochac

by Lord Skarp-Heðin Sverðvarpnir

The words of Odin the High One bind all to courtesy and respect when a guest comes to the door. Lohac is proud to maintain the right of hospitality, that travellers from distant lands might always find shelter and good company. Those who not only return this courtesy but step far beyond the requirements upon a guest and work to leave Lochac greater than they found it are doubly treasured.

The Crown of Lochac bears the responsibility to give a fair reward to those who treat the Kingdom thus, and so it is the pleasure of their Majesties Niall and Liadan to bestow upon (NAME) the Order of the Cross of Lochac, for [his/her/their] example is a guiding light, just as the stars of the Southern Cross guide a traveller across our fair land.

Pride of Lochac

by Lord Jean-Christophe le Saussier

The poets tell us that when Ragnarok comes, the Æsir and Vanir shall band together with the heroes of Valhalla and fight against the walking dead of Hel, the fire giants of Muspellheim and the terrible monsters spawned by Loki. Gods and men shall stand as one and by their victory usher in a fresh age of peace and prosperity. Without such unity, even the mightiest heroes would be swept aside, and the nine worlds destroyed.

So too in Lochac do those of common purpose draw together under the roof of a common hall, swearing oaths of friendship and loyalty. Such unity binds the whole of the Kingdom together, and so Their Majesties do bestow the honour of the Company of the Pride of Lochac upon (household name).

Silver Helm

by Lord Skarp-Heðin Sverðvarpnir

The poets tell us that Odin, Father of Victory, sends his Valkyries to bring the glorious battle-dead to bright Valhalla, where they fight and feast to make ready for the coming of Ragnarok. It is said that the hall is hung with spears, and shields, and the finest coats of mail, all made from precious gold yet harder than good steel.

In Midgard, armour of such quality reflects well the honour and glory of those who wear it, and inspires those who join them on the field to fight fiercely beneath the gaze of the Valkyries. One who brings such armour into Lochac’s army is called Silver Helm, that all may look upon them and fight with redoubled might.


by Lord Jean-Christophe le Saussier

The skalds tell us of Sif, wife of Thor the god of thunder and protector of Midgard. Sif is known for her grace, beauty and courtesy and is said to have transformed into the mighty Rowan tree that saved Thor when he grasped its strong branches.

Stories also tell of Yggdrasil, the world tree, that binds the Nine Worlds together, its branches reaching for the stars, its strong roots holding it firm.

We remember Sif’s grace and courtesy and the way in which Yggdrasil holds all things together by bestowing the honour of the Order of the Rowan on those whose unsurpassable grace and courtesy to all binds our kingdom together and allows us to reach the heavens.


by Lord Skarp-Heðin Sverðvarpnir

Before the gods created men, there was one named Kvasir, made from the saliva of the Aesir and wiser than any who walked the nine worlds. Two dwarfs, envious of Kvasir, slew him, and drained his blood. They mixed it with honey and created a wondrous mead, which inspired the art of poetry in any who partook of it. Odin the Allfather outwitted the dwarves and stole the Mead of Poetry, sharing it with humanity that they might be entertained and made wiser by poem and song.

An inheritor of this tradition is one who enriches our land with their performance, and is called Taillefer, meaning sword-juggler, for their art is both entertaining and daring.

Golden Tear (full version)

by TH Lady Ceara Shionnach

Freyja, most generous of the Aesir, owns a fine cloak made from falcon feathers that allows the wearer to transform into a bird and fly quickly over the lands.

When not lending her cloak to assist other deities in their quests, Freyja uses her cloak to search for her missing husband, Óðr. As she soars across many skies, she sheds tears that turn to amber when they fall into the ocean, or gold when they hit the earth. Thus, even in her sadness, she gives generously and enriches the worlds.

Those who give of their service to the Kingdom and the various parts thereof, also support and enrich the nine worlds, evoking the generosity of Freyja. It is the duty and pleasure of the Crown to reward such service with honour. Therefore do their Majesties proclaim (NAME) worthy of great honour and do admit [him | her | them] to the right noble Order of the Golden Tear of the Kingdom of Lochac.

Golden Tear (shorter version)

by TH Lady Ceara Shionnach

Freyja is the most generous of the Aesir and, even as she soars over the lands shedding tears of amber and gold, she gives generously and enriches the nine worlds.

Those who give of their service to the Kingdom and the various parts thereof, also support and enrich the nine worlds, evoking the generosity of Freyja. It is the duty and pleasure of the Crown to reward such service with honour. Therefore do their Majesties proclaim (NAME) worthy of great honour and do admit [him | her | them] to the right noble Order of the Golden Tear of the Kingdom of Lochac.


by TH Lady Ceara Shionnach

Long ago, the dwarves Dvalinn and Durin forged the sword Tyrfing, which was made with a golden hilt that shone as brightly as flames. The sword was enchanted so that it would never miss a stroke, never rust, and could easily cut through iron, stone and flesh alike.

Tyrfing was a legendary sword, but was as dangerous as it was beautiful to behold. Those who practise, study and teach the beautiful but deadly skills of renaissance rapier enhance, enrich and defend the nine worlds. The Crown wish to recognise (NAME), proclaiming them worthy of admission to the right noble Order of the Rapier of the Kingdom of Lochac.

Golden Sword

by Lord Skarp-Heðin Sverðvarpnir

The skalds tell tales of the enchanted sword Gram, forged by Volund and carried by mighty Sigurd. It is said that the blade was strong enough to split an anvil, yet sharp enough to split a single hair along its length.

Just as Sigurd wielded a weapon of unsurpassed excellence, so too should a brave and skilful warrior of Lochac bear a Golden Sword, that all may know their valour.


by Lord Skarp-Heðin Sverðvarpnir

Fleet-footed Ullr, god of winter, dwells in the yew-dales of Ydalir. The strong wood of Ydalir makes fine skis to cross the icy plains, but it makes even finer bows, with which to slay giants and evil-doers before they despoil the land.

The archers of Lochac show their skills upon Odin’s field during times of war, and upon Frigg’s meadow when we are at peace. Those who distinguish themselves with their skill are recognised with the Nock, that their arrows should always be ready to fly from the string.

Miles Regni

by Lord Jean-Christophe le Saussier

Brave Tyr, Fosterer of the Wolf, god of war; most daring, just and stoutest of heart, known well for his bravery in placing his right hand in the mouth of the Fenris wolf when he was bound by Gleipnir. Fenrir did thrash, drawing the fetter ever tighter and all the Æsir did rejoice, except for Tyr as the Fenris wolf did take his hand.

When the armies of Lochac go to war, those whose conduct matches the bravery, stoutness of heart and justness of mighty Tyr, whether combatant or non-combatant, are recognised with the award of the Miles Regni, naming them “Soldier of the Kingdom” and allowing them to wear a silver sword as a pendant so that all know of their honour on the field of war.


by TH Lady Ceara Shionnach

The Bifröst is the burning rainbow bridge that links Midgard, Earth, with Asgard, the realm of the gods. The Bifröst is crossed everyday by the almighty Aesir, who ride skilfully atop the finest horses in the nine worlds. Odin’s horse Sleipnir is the best of all, with his eight legs and grey coat and clever character.

The Crown proclaim (NAME) comparable in skill in equestrian activities to the Aesir, and deserving of recognition through admittance to the right noble Order of the Hector.

Lochac Order of Grace

by TH Lady Ceara Shionnach

Good things are to be said of Odin’s second son, Baldur the beautiful. He is the wisest of all the Aesir; so fair and bright that light itself shines from him. He is praised by all throughout the nine worlds for being articulate, judicious and the most gracious of all the gods and men.

Only once per reign, the Crown may recognise those who, like Baldur, are thoughtful of all, dignified in carriage and gracious in spirit and thought.

Therefore do Their Majesties call before them this day (NAME) to become a Companion of the Lochac Order of Grace.


by TH Lady Ceara Shionnach

The mighty Odin pursues wisdom and knowledge throughout all nine worlds.

In an act of self-sacrifice, he once hung himself from Yggdrasil – the immense tree that connects all nine worlds – for nine long nights, self-wounded with a spear, taking no food or drink. At the end, he took up all of the magical runes from Yggdrasil’s roots, screaming, and fell back down from the tree.

The runes taught him the art of the written word, and Odin selflessly passed this knowledge on to humanity, thus bettering them.

Those who teach their skills, in all areas of endeavour, both support and enrich the nine worlds. Therefore, their Majesties proclaim (NAME) worthy of great honour and admit [him | her | them] to the right noble Order of Prometheus of the Kingdom of Lochac.

Star and Lily

by TH Lady Ceara Shionnach

It is known throughout the worlds that Freyja, as fair and beautiful as the lily, has a great love for fine things.

The four dwarfs Alfrigg, Berling, Dvalin and Grerr are grandmaster craftsmen that made the most beautiful necklace Freyja had ever seen. She was so captivated by it that she did everything in her power to own it. Brisingamen, the name of said necklace, now hangs around her neck. It is so artful that it shines brighter than any of the stars in the night sky.

Like those grandmaster craftsmen, those who practice, study, and teach the several arts, crafts, and sciences, draw the attention of the gods, enhancing and enriching the nine worlds.

It is the duty and pleasure of the Crown to reward such service with honour.

Therefore Their Majesties proclaim (NAME) worthy of great honour and do admit him/her to the right noble Order of the Star and Lily of the Kingdom of Lochac.

Red Wyvern

by Lord Skarp-Heðin Sverðvarpnir

The terrible dragon Fafnir had a mighty hoard of gold. In his greed, he spewed poison across the land, slaying men and beasts and befouling the earth.

Brave Sigurd hunted the wyrm, advised by wise Odin, and drove his golden sword Gram into Fafnir’s underside. The serpent’s rich, red blood poured over Sigurd, hardening his skin until no weapon could harm him. When the blood touched his tongue, he learned the fine speech of birds, and when he consumed the drake’s crimson heart, he learned great wisdom.

Those who demonstrate the prowess, honour and devoted service of Sigurd Dragonslayer are made known to all as members of the Order the Red Wyvern.

Silver Pegasus

by Lord Jean-Christophe le Saussier

It is spoken that when Baldr, fairest of all the Æsir, was killed at the hand of his blind brother Hodr by the trickery of Loki, Hermod rode to Hel in order to have him returned to the world of the living. However, it was Sleipnir, the eight legged horse, who ensured that Hermod was safely transported to his destination.

So too, are there members of the Kingdom who, through their service, transport us to our destination. We recognise these people through membership in the Order of the Silver Pegasus.


by Lord Jean-Christophe le Saussier

It was spoken that the Fenris wolf, unchained, would destroy the world. Those who lived in Asgard sent to the dwarves to fashion a fetter that would hold the fell-beast. In appearance a silk ribbon, made of the noise a cat makes when it moves, the beard of a woman, the roots of a mountain, the sinews of a bear, the breath of a fish, and the spittle of a bird, it holds the wolf until Ragnarok.

So too, do the artisans of the Kingdom create rare and precious treasures from the mundane, and for this we recognise them by awarding them the Cockatrice.

Guard Oath

by Lord Jean-Christophe le Saussier

I now swear to the Crown and Kingdom of Lochac, in front of all gathered here as my witnesses.That I shall offer wisdom in counsel, to aid where needed, to be ready to ride at my Liege’s right hand in support of the Kingdom with my comrades in arms; in good years & lean, for peace & for war, mindless of hardship until the Crown depart their throne, Odin claim me, or Ragnarok come.

So swear I, (NAME).

Court Barony

by TH Lady Ceara Shionnach

The Ásatrú (oz a true) are those people most loyal to the Aesir, including mighty Odin, Thor and Freya. They proclaim nine noble virtues that guide us in our everyday actions; Courage, Truth, Honour, Fidelity, Discipline, Hospitality, Industry, Self-Reliance, and Perseverance.

It is the prerogative of the Crown to honour those of Their subjects who please them by continuously striving towards and displaying these nine noble virtues, and by having enriched the Kingdom in unique ways.

Be it known that Niall and Liadan do proclaim <name> worthy of such great honour, and henceforth name <him/her> a <Baron/Baroness> in the Court of Lochac and across all the Nine Worlds.