College of St Malachy

St Malachy is a College in the Shire of Adora, based at the University of Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia. The College was first proposed at Rowany Festival in 1997 (AS 31) by Lysander and Diederic. The group ran its first event on 7 August 1997 (AS 32) with approximately 30 members at the time.

At the time of original establishment, the College fell under the Shire of Agaricus. However, with the formation of the Incipient Shire of Adora in 2004, the College is now overseen by the Shire of Adora.

The College has been dormant since mid-2011 due to a lack of active members attending the University to maintain required membership. When active, the College communicates through their website, Fyshe (the College newsletter), and an email list.

The device for St Malachy, as emblazoned on the Lochac Roll of Arms, is:

Argent, a tower sable within a laurel wreath, on a chief wavy vert an open book argent bound Or.

Arms of St Malachy from the Lochac Roll of Arms.

Arms of St Malachy from the Lochac Roll of Arms.